Norway cottages and cabins for rent


Below you'll find a wide range of cottages and cabins for rent in Norway, for every taste and budget. You can search by the most popular places, such as Geilo, Lofoten, Hardangervidda, Hemsedal, Trysi, Hafjell or Norefjell, or you can search by price and number of rooms / amenities.

You'll find luxury cottages and cabins with several rooms, but also very simple alternatives. We are also linking to information about holiday houses and villas for rent in Norway.

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Norway cottages by the fjords

These fjord cottages are all located near idyllic fjords and mountains in different areas of Norway, from the North to the West. Perfect for holidays in the nature. Read more about fjord cottages and huts here.

See a wide range of cottages, huts and holiday properties near the Norwegia n fjords here


Norway mountain cottages, huts and cabins


Here you’ll find a wide range of huts, cabins and houses located near or in the famous and beautiful mountains in Norway. Perfect to rent for activities such as fishing, hiking, climbing, canoing or just for accommodation when traveling through Norway.

Search through 100's of muntain cottages, huts, cabins and holiday houses here


Oslo cottages and holiday houses

Cottages, huts, cabins and sea houses near the Oslo area. Most of these properties are just a short drive from Oslo and can also be reached by public transport. You'll also find a wide range of villas, holiday houses and rooms for rent both in Oslo and the other larger cities in Norway such as Bergen, Bodo, Trondheim, Tromsø, Stavanger and more. 


Cozy cottages and log cabins for rent

Wide range of cozy log cabins for rent in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia. Imagine yourself sitting in a cozy log cabin while the wind is hauling outside, life can't be better. See the wide range of Norway log cabin s for rent here. 


Norway log cabins for rent

Here you'll find an overview of typical Norway log c abins for rent.